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"Telangana Chess Academy is the place for professional chess training"

Tejavath Naresh  – FIDE Arbiter,FIDE School Instructor,FIDE Rated Player and Professional Chess Coach.


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About Us

Founded by the desire to reimagine the traditional chess learning experience and develop in students a strong foundation for future success.

Telangana Chess Academy is the place for professional chess training.

This is right place for all to learn the secrets of brain game.

Now a days to take the chess coaching is very difficult for students for development of chess.

We create a safe learning environment for students.

We provide a quality of training to all the players to show the talent of the institution in local ,state, national and international chess tournaments.

We also Share examples from our collective experience to enhance learning.

We constantly Encourage and inspire students to develop a lifelong fascination for learning.

Our Features

Game Area

Players can play games by inviting the other player. Coach can watch the games played by the students. It helps the students to play with the engine for practise.

Online Classes

Conduct interactive One to One or One to Many classes with a real tieme board. Also can conduct “Open Classroom” where all the students under the coach can attend the classes.

Our Team Members

Tejavath Naresh

FIDE Arbiter,FIDE Rated Player and Chess Coach

Vijay Kumar

FIDE Rated Player and Chess Coach


International FIDE rated

Raj Kumar

International FIDE rated

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Our Gallery


Individual Classes

8 Classes per month (Max 4 Players)

Price : Rs. 6000 per month

Group Classes

10 Classes per month (Max 10 Players)

Price : Rs. 5000 per month

Special Classes

10 Classes per month (Max 2 Players)

Price : Rs. 10,000 per month

Hobby Classes

8 Classes per month (Max 20 Players)

Price : Rs. 3000 per month

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# 11-13-1341 Road No 4 Margadharsi Colony Kothapet Hyderabad-35

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